Yulista Integrated Solutions (YIS) conducts 2020 Mishap Response Plan Exercise

October 13, 2020

Yulista Integrated Solutions (YIS) conducts a Mishap Response Plan (MRP) exercise (MRP-EX) on an annual basis to demonstrate its capability to protect our employees and customer aircraft involved in an accident.  The MRP is a living document that is updated as needed to ensure YIS personnel are able to rapidly execute emergency actions and initial notifications to professional first response agencies such as the Huntsville Executive Airport (KMDQ) Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) team, Huntsville emergency Medical Services, Inc (HEMSI), and county Sheriff Department.

The MRP-EX brings the individual units together in order to practice as a cooperative team, demonstrating their advanced techniques in a realistic scenario. This event ensures our customer that their resource is protected while instilling confidence in our employees that the first responders are immediately available and fully capable if needed during a worst case event.